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Supplementing your health insurance with the right mix of voluntary benefits is the key to a quality benefits package. One size does not fit all when it comes to your employee benefits package. The Hometown team will assist you every step of the way; from plan design and options through open enrollment and education. Our goal is to make sure that every employee has the proper coverage not only for them but for their family as well. We believe that a quality benefit package will help you retain employees; keep them focused on their job and happy to come to work.

Group Life

Group life insurance is one of the most valuable voluntary benefits available. By purchasing as a group your employees will receive...

Dental & Vision

Dental & Vision policies can be a great way to supplement a major medical plan, however, finding the plan that provides the best value...


When accidents happen, they’re often followed by a series of bills. Even with sound health insurance, you can still have out-of-pocket expenses...


If you were diagnosed with cancer, would you be able to cover rising treatment costs? Medical insurance is a great help, but...

Critical Illness

Critical illness insurance complements your major medical coverage by providing a lump-sum benefit if you’re diagnosed with a covered critical illness.

Hospital Confinement

Hospital confinement indemnity insurance provides a lump-sum benefit to help offset the costs that aren’t covered by most major medical plans.

Short Term & Long Term Disability

Short-term and long-term disability policies are a great way to show employees you care about their well-being...